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Strong domain catalogue.

We got more than 2000 domains in our gigantic portfolio, all websites got good link profiles and can provide a great boost to your website.All domains are spread out on different country specific IP adresses and hosted on fast and reliable servers. The sites vary in design and got unique content. We mainly have domains for Scandinavia but also “a few” for the rest of Europe. If you’re looking for anything special that we dont have, we can provide you within a few weeks.

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Powerful affiliate websites.

We have developed our own platform that lets us easily manage all domains and includes for example functionality to compare lenders, casinos and much more. Strong partnership with big european affiliate networks including:

- AdService

- AdTraction

- Awin

- Matching Visions

- TradeDoubler

+ More

On the image you can see our Loan Comparison website Lånjakt

Our brands


In addition to our regular affiliate websites we’re running a big tyre website (NordenDäck) which has over 500k unique visitors yearly, only organic traffic. This website used to be an e-commerce which we ran for many years until a big fire took place the 21st of December 2011 which burned the entire warehouse down. About a year after the fire we reopened the website as an affiliate to Delticom which is one of the biggest tyre resellers in Europe.


We also run an e-commerce (TapetStore) which sells wallpapers that are custom made uniquely for just you wall. Its a print on demand service. We got top positions for almost all important keywords and have 2-400 unique visitors daily on a small niche business in Sweden, all visitors come organic. However we dont produce the wallpapers ourself, a big Swedish manufacturer is producing the wallpapers and dropships the products directly to the end customer.

Example SEO & Affiliate websites

Interested in working with us? Please see some of our example websites below.

Just Casino
Casino 100
Kreditor FI
Kreditor SE
Din Tapet
We got more than 2000 other domains aswell!